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This podcast series offers an impartial take on issues in Westminster and where you live. Each week we’ll tackle a new topic in 20 minutes, helping you stay up to date.

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Housing: Changes in the private rented sector

23 April 2019

How is the increasing size of the private rented sector affecting UK Government policy? How are private landlords and letting agents regulated? And how secure are private tenants in their housing?

Devolution in Northern Ireland: Union and autonomy

16 April 2019

How is devolution supposed to operate in Northern Ireland? How is Northern Ireland being governed in the absence of a fully functioning Assembly or Executive? And what impact is Brexit having on Northern Irish politics? 

Defence equipment: Buying and budgeting

9 April 2019

How much does the Ministry of Defence budget for equipment for the armed forces? Why has the budget been deemed ‘unaffordable’? How does the MoD plan what equipment is needed for future conflicts and interventions and why are MPs concerned over shipbuilding?

UK public finances: Borrowing and debt

2 April 2019

What is the difference between Government borrowing and debt? What’s the current state of public finances? Does it matter that debt is currently at 85% of GDP? And what effect might Brexit have?

Utility prices: How are they calculated?

26 March 2019

How are water, energy and broadband prices calculated? How do these different utilities operate? How are they regulated? And what does this mean for everyday consumers?

Universal Credit: Rolling out a new benefits system

19 March 2019

How far has the roll out of Universal Credit come? What’s the difference between ‘managed’ and ‘natural’ migration? Are there likely to be further delays? And what are the implications of recent High Court judgments?