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This paper focusses on the first two stages of the criminal justice system in England and Wales and aims to explain the process to help Members with constituents going through the criminal justice process.

The first half covers the reporting and investigation of a crime report. This includes:

  • How crimes are report to the police;
  • Police powers to conduct investigations and apprehend suspects;
  • Police and prosecution agency charging decisions;
  • Private prosecutions;
  • Out of court disposals;
  • The anti-social behaviour ‘community trigger’.

The second half outlines how criminal courts operate in England and Wales, including:

  • The court system;
  • Finding legal representation;
  • Court proceedings;
  • Criminal sentencing;
  • Criminal appeals.

This paper does not include information on prisons and the criminal justice process post-conviction. Instead, the Library has published has a range of other materials containing this information.

Documents to download

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