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Background to the debate

The Windrush Lessons Learned Review was led by Wendy Williams, HM Inspector of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services and was published on 19 March 2020.

The May Government set up the Review in 2018, as one strand of its response to the Windrush scandal. The Review’s terms of reference were to focus on events from 2008 onwards, identifying the underlying causes of the Windrush cohort’s difficulties and the key lessons for the Home Office. 

The Johnson Government accepted the Review’s recommendations in full. The Home Office formally responded to the Review on 30 September 2020 through publication of its Continuous Improvement Plan. 

On 29 September 2021 Wendy Williams returned to the Home Office to undertake an independent assessment of the progress the Home Office has made in implementing the recommendations from the Review and against the Continuous Improvement Plan. Her findings have been set out in the Windrush Lessons Learned Review: progress update.

Relevant Documents

Windrush Lessons Learned Review – Home Office – 31 March 2020 

Windrush Lessons Learned Review response: comprehensive improvement plan – Home Office – 30 September 2020

Windrush Lessons Learned Review: progress update – Home Office – 31 March 2022

Race and Ethnic Disparities – Commons Library, section 5.1 – 24 May 2021 

Documents to download

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