About the Commons Library

The House of Commons Library is an independent research and information service. We provide impartial information to MPs of all parties and their staff. Our experts publish research and analysis on topical issues and legislation, which you can read on this site.

What do we publish?

Research briefings

These comprehensive, detailed publications give in-depth information, without political bias. Research Briefings cover topical issues and major legislation.

Insight articles

Our Insights give timely, need-to-know information on current issues. They get you up to speed quickly, and give you an impartial and authoritative take on the latest research and statistics.


Our interactive dashboards allow you to find statistical data on constituencies and local areas. They cover a range of topics including employment, housing, demographics and election results.

Who writes these briefings?

Our researchers are experts in a massive range of topics, from international affairs to bees. You can see the topics we cover in the menu on our homepage. Our team includes economists, lawyers and statisticians as well as subject specialists.