This dashboard includes data for England and Wales only. In Scotland, Personal Independence Payment is being replaced by Adult Disability Payment. A separate dashboard provides data on the rollout this new benefit.


Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a non-means-tested benefit intended to help with extra costs arising from long-term disability or ill-health.

It was introduced in 2013, replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for working-age claimants. PIP was opened for new claims in April 2013 and reassessments of DLA claimants began in November 2013.

It has two components:

  • mobility component, based on an individual’s ability to get around; and
  • a ‘daily living’ component, based on ability to carry out other key activities necessary to be able to participate in daily life.

Each component can be awarded at either standard, enhanced, or nil rate (where the claimant is not awarded this component).

The Library’s Personal Independence Payment constituency casework article provides further information on how the benefit works.

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Devolution of disability benefits in Scotland

Until recently, social security was almost entirely a reserved matter in Great Britain, but the Scotland Act 2016 devolved significant welfare powers to the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Government is currently introducing a new set of extra-costs disability benefits as direct replacements for DWP benefits.

The Scottish Government is now replacing PIP with Adult Disability Payment. National rollout of this new benefit began in August 2022.

DWP is continuing to administer PIP to existing claimants over a transitional period. However, since Adult Disability Payment has started to replace PIP, figures for Scotland are no longer comparable with figures for England and Wales.

Data updates

We aim to update this dashboard quarterly, in line with data releases from the Department for Work and Pensions and Ministry of Justice, but the data shown here may not be the latest available. MPs and their staff can contact the Commons Library with queries about updates.


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