Population censuses in the UK have been held nearly every 10 years since 1801. In 2011 a Census was carried out on Sunday 27 March. The results provide comparative statistics for all 650 parliamentary constituencies in the UK.

What is in this briefing?

The main briefing for download (at the bottom of this page) presents the data in tables and maps along with background information about the 2011 Census.

There is also a downloadable Excel tool that lets you select a constituency, view statistics and print customised tables.

Where else can I find Census statistics?

The Library has also produced a set of interactive tables that compare constituency Census results. Follow the links below:

You can also explore these topics with Constituency Explorer, an interactive data visualisation tool.

Statistics for other geographical areas are available for England & Wales via the ONS’ Nomis website, for Scotland via the Scotland Census website and for Northern Ireland via NISRA.

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