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The availability of “soft” pornography and “men’s lifestyle” magazines in newsagents and shops has been criticised as these titles are often on display where they can be seen by children.

What do the guidelines say?

Top shelf material

Guidelines issued by the National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN) advise that “soft” pornography should be placed on the top shelf of newsagents.

Other material

The NFRN guidelines recommend that “men’s lifestyle” magazines – sometimes referred to as “lads’ mags” – should not be displayed next to children’s titles or at eye-level or below. If this is not possible – e.g. where there is limited display space – the NFRN says that front covers can be part-overlapped with other titles to minimise offence to parents.

Guidance issued by the Association of Convenience Stores makes similar recommendations. It also suggests the use of “modesty boards”.

Documents to download

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