Food Banks in the UK

Please note: for information on accessing food banks and food parcels during the pandemic please see our briefing Coronavirus: Support for household finances.

For an account of developments in food bank activity over the crisis period see section 7 of this paper, Food Banks in the UK.

Recent research means we have increasing amounts of data on food banks, giving us a fuller picture of their provision across the UK, and providing a more detailed picture of the characteristics of food bank users.

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Coronavirus: Support for household finances

This Commons Library briefing paper outlines the measures introduced by the Government, and other authorities, to support household finances during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.…

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Coronavirus Act: Food supply

The Coronavirus Act provides powers to require information about food supply chains. The Government has said that it is collaborating with the food sector to manage the risk of disruption to supply chains, but that the Act provides powers in case requests for voluntary provision of information were not to be complied with in the future.…

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