Food Banks in the UK

Please note: for information on accessing food banks and food parcels during the pandemic please see our briefing Coronavirus: Support for household finances.

For an account of developments in food bank activity over the crisis period see section 7 of this paper, Food Banks in the UK.

Recent research means we have increasing amounts of data on food banks, giving us a fuller picture of their provision across the UK, and providing a more detailed picture of the characteristics of food bank users.

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Oil Prices

Spot oil prices were just over $40 per barrel in mid June 2020. The crashed after the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown led to a dramatic cut in demand. Prices fell from almost $70 a barrel in early January to below $20 per barrel in late April 2020. Oil prices peaked in July 2008 at almost $150 per barrel and were in the $100-125 range for much of 2011 to early 2014.…

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How is the UK adapting to climate change? Spotlight on health

In the UK, health has been identified as one of the six priority areas in need of climate change adaptation policies, but also one of the sectors with “no plans” for long-term climate change. This Insight provides a short introduction to UK adaptation policy, with a spotlight on health. …

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