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The attempts by the Bahraini authorities to design a political system that airs grievances and allows some public input to government without leading to the fall of the monarchy have stalled.

The demonstrations of 2011 were put down aggressively by the authorities, with the help of Saudi Arabia, and the recommendations of the Bahrain International Committee of Inquiry into the events have not been implemented thoroughly.

In the context of increased sectarian tensions in the region and the stand-off between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran, the Bahraini government will probably continue to stifle Shiite dissent.

The UK has a long relationship with Bahrain and has recently cooperated on a new naval base there. Questions have been raised about the UK government licensing exports of military equipment to the country, in the light of the political unrest. British ministers say that they regularly raise human rights and democracy issues with their Bahraini counterparts.

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