UK-EU future relationship negotiations update: is an agreement possible?

This paper provides an update on the UK-EU future relationship negotiations following intensified negotiations in June and July 2020. It explores the prospects for an agreement in time for the end of the post-Brexit transition period on 31 December…

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Agriculture Bill 2019-21

The Agriculture Bill 2019-21 was given its First Reading on 16 January and Second Reading on 3 February 2020. It completed Committee Stage on 5 March 2020 its remaining Commons stages on 13 May 2020. The Bill received its Second Reading in the Lords on 10 June and commenced its Lords Committee consideration on 7 July 2020.…

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Reading list of UK and devolved Parliament and Assembly publications on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union and UK-EU future relations

This is a reading list of publications on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and future UK-EU relations from library, research services and committees of the UK and devolved parliaments and assemblies.…

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Food Banks in the UK

Please note: for information on accessing food banks and food parcels during the pandemic please see our briefing Coronavirus: Support for household finances.

For an account of developments in food bank activity over the crisis period see section 7 of this paper, Food Banks in the UK.

Recent research means we have increasing amounts of data on food banks, giving us a fuller picture of their provision across the UK, and providing a more detailed picture of the characteristics of food bank users.

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