Coronavirus research

Read the latest coronavirus (Covid-19) research and analysis from the House of Commons Library.

Find quick-read articles and longer briefings on the Government’s response to the coronavirus and its impact on key sectors such as housing, employment, welfare, police powers, the economy and more.

For the latest information on how UK Parliament is reacting to the spread of the coronavirus visit the Parliament website.

Employment rights and the workplace

Research covering employment rights and the workplace during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus: Protections from redundancy

What protections employees have from redundancy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and employment law

How the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will fit within existing employment law.

Coronavirus: Impact on the labour market

Upcoming official statistics which reflect the impact of coronavirus on the labour market and a summary of timely data.

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Coronavirus: Returning to work

The existing rules on attending a workplace and what rights workers have as it relates to health and safety.

Health and social care

Research and analysis about health and social care during the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus: Testing for Covid-19

This briefing paper provides an overview of testing for Covid-19 in England

Coronavirus: Ventilator availability in the UK

Ventilator availability and procurement in the UK and a summary of government action.

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Health and social care key issues and sources

An overview of key issues facing the NHS and social care services during the coronavirus outbreak.

Local authorities’ adult social care duties (the Care Act easements)

An overview of changes to local authority duties around the provision of adult social care during the coronavirus outbreak.

Welfare and support schemes

Research exploring the measures introduced to support households and individuals throughout the pandemic.

Support for household finances

This briefing outlines measures introduced to support household finances during the pandemic.

Coronavirus: Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

A briefing on the Self-employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS).

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Coronavirus: Housing support

This paper explains measures to assist households to retain their homes and the specific challenges faced by rough sleepers.

Calls to ease No Recourse to Public Funds conditions

There have been calls to suspend NRPF conditions in response to the pandemic.

Economy and business

Economic updates and research around schemes to support businesses during the Covid-19 ‘lockdown’.

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Coronavirus: Latest economic data

This briefing collates the economic data that is available on the impact of the coronavirus outbreak into a single page.

Coronavirus: Government debt, an explainer

This Insight explores the basics of government debt and the key issues arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

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Businesses without premises and the Small Business Grant Scheme

This Insight explains why some businesses can and can’t access The Small Business Grant Scheme.

Coronavirus: Support for businesses

This briefing provides information on the various sources of support for businesses affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Home affairs

Analysis and research on how emergency powers may affect areas such as policing, prisons, funerals and access to domestic abuse services during the coronavirus ‘lockdown’.

Policing the coronavirus lockdown

This short briefing explains the new temporary powers to enforce the coronavirus ‘lockdown’.

Coronavirus: Prisons (England and Wales)

This briefing explains the situation in prisons in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus: Domestic abuse

This Insight explores how the coronavirus ‘lockdown’ could affect people at risk of domestic abuse.

Powers to direct between burials and cremation

This Insight explains the emergency powers in relation to how deaths might be managed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Education, childcare and families

Research exploring the impact on childcare and education as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Coronavirus and schools: FAQs

This short briefing addresses some key issues and FAQs in relation to schools and the Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus: Childcare FAQs

This briefing provides information in response to some key questions relating to childcare during the coronavirus outbreak.

Implications for the further and higher education sectors

An update around the post-18 education sector including the Government support package for universities and students.

Separated Families and Contact with Children in Care FAQs

The impact of coronavirus on separated families, maintenance arrangements and access to children.

Government and Parliament

Research and analysis explaining parliamentary consent, the Coronavirus Bill, and how the pandemic may affect Brexit.

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Coronavirus: Support for local government

The financial support available to local authorities in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus Bill: An Overview

A set of briefings about the Coronavirus Bill, part of the Government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Parliamentary consent for the lockdown in England

This Insight explains the motion to approve the legislation that underpins the current ‘lockdown’ in England.

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Coronavirus: Is it possible to extend the Brexit transition period?

Examining the legal and procedural hurdles to any extension of the post-Brexit transition period.

Around the world

Analysis on the response to coronavirus from across the world.

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Coronavirus and the Occupied Palestinian Territories 

This Insight looks at the main challenges facing the OPTs in responding to the coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus: Support for economies by European and other states

The policies put in place by the EU, governments in Europe, the US and other developed countries.

Libya: upsurge of violence amid the pandemic

Over the last year conflict has intensified, with a recent surge in violence despite the threat presented by the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Conflict zones and refugees in the Middle East

Experts warn there could be a coronavirus catastrophe in the Middle East, especially in conflict zones and among refugees.

Research from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST)

Find the latest reporting on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) papers and Covid-19 vaccines.

COVID-19 and international approaches to exiting lockdown

The approach to exiting lockdown from countries across the world.

Social distancing strategies for Covid-19

Exploring social distancing strategies including the ‘cluster’ and ‘light switch’ approaches.

Mental health and well-being during the Covid-19 outbreak

Issues relating to mental health and well-being during the coronavirus outbreak.

Research from the Lords Library

Find briefings and blogs produced to support the work of the House of Lords in scrutinising and debating the Government’s response to coronavirus.

Coronavirus: The impact on mental health

How the coronavirus outbreak has affected mental health.

Coronavirus: Profiteering during the pandemic

The Covid-19 outbreak in the UK has seen short-term shortages in some retail goods.

Covid-19: International Response

How a range of international bodies and coalitions are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic.