Read the latest coronavirus (Covid-19) research and analysis from UK Parliament. This page provides links to reports from the Commons Library, the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) and the Lords Library.

For the latest information on how Parliament is reacting to the spread of the coronavirus visit the Parliament website.

Commons Library

Find quick-read articles and longer briefings on the Government’s response to the coronavirus and its impact on key sectors such as housing, employment, welfare, police powers, the economy and more.

Coronavirus: Latest economic data

A collection of the latest available economic data detailing the impact of Covid-19.

Coronavirus: Housing support

An overview of the Government’s measures to assist households and local authorities.

Coronavirus: Claiming welfare benefits

An outline of new social security measures adopted by the Government.


Find the latest reporting on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) papers and Covid-19 vaccines.

Covid-19: School closures and mass gatherings

Analysis of the effectiveness of the new measures and an overview of what models predict for the UK.

Covid-19: Current understanding

A summary of the key epidemiological terms used in the Covid-19 response.

Vaccines for Covid-19

How do vaccines work? Who is working on a vaccine to prevent Covid-19 and when might it become available?

Lords Library

Find briefings and blogs produced to support the work of the House of Lords in scrutinising and debating the Government’s response to coronavirus.

UK banks and coronavirus policy responses

What has been the response of UK financial institutions to coronavirus?

UK preparedness for Covid-19

Lords scrutiny of the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic, and a comparison with today’s challenges.

Covid-19 and the police: new powers but more pressure?

Analysis of how the police might enforce new powers.