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Since March 2020 the Government has been working with the authorities of the UK’s Overseas Territories, to ensure they receive the help they need to manage the Covid-19 pandemic. 

That help has focused primarily on supporting their healthcare systems and economy, ensuring continuity of transport links and access for supplies, and providing security assistance. 

Travel corridors have been established between the UK and all of its Overseas Territories, with the exception of the Turks and Caicos Islands, which was removed from the quarantine exemption list in August 2020 due to a rising number of coronavirus cases. 

At the time of writing Covid-19 infection rates in the Overseas Territories are relatively low. While the Government has not made any specific statements about planning for a possible second wave of the pandemic, should it occur in the Overseas Territories, it has made clear that its suport is enduring. Financial assistance will continue to be provided on a case by case basis, while additional military support will be provided as needed or requested. 

Documents to download

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