Coronavirus Act: Food supply

The Coronavirus Act provides powers to require information about food supply chains. The Government has said that it is collaborating with the food sector to manage the risk of disruption to supply chains, but that the Act provides powers in case requests for voluntary provision of information were not to be complied with in the future.…

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Coronavirus: Support for businesses

In a worst-case scenario, up to one-fifth of UK employees may be absent from work during the coronavirus outbreak. This would have significant economic impacts in the UK. This briefing provides information on the various sources of support for businesses affected. It also details some international comparisons.…

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By-elections since the 2017 General Election

This Commons Library Briefing Paper sets out results of the by-elections held since the 2017 election. There were five by-elections in the two year Parliament, details can be found in the report.

Full details are presented in the associated PDF but an overview of the recent by-election results are shown below.…

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Coronavirus: Latest economic data

The coronavirus outbreak is causing significant disruption to the economy. Given the speed at which the outbreak has spread and the public health response to it, official economic data reflecting the impact will not be published until late April at the earliest.

Until then, a range of other sources, such as business surveys and anecdotal information, can be used to capture at least some of the impact of coronavirus on the economy. This briefing collates the economic data that is available into a single page that is frequently updated.…

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Benefits Uprating 2020

Benefits and tax credits that are linked to inflation rise by 1.7% in April 2020, marking the end of the four-year freeze that affected many such payments. Further increases have been made to Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit and Local Housing Allowance in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The triple lock delivers a 3.9% increase to the Basic and New State Pension.…

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Coronavirus: Housing support

This briefing paper explains measures the Government has put in place during the coronavirus outbreak to assist households in retaining their homes and to enable local authorities to tackle the specific challenges faced by rough sleepers. The paper has been updated to take account of further measures introduced after 26 March 2020. …

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