Sir Eric Pickles, the Government’s Anti-Corruption Champion, has carried out a review of electoral fraud and has made fifty recommendations on what could be done to tackle the problem. The Government has now published its response. This Briefing Paper provides information about electoral fraud since 2010 and includes details of the reports published by the Electoral Commission and the Association of Chief Police Officers on cases of alleged electoral malpractice.

During the EU referendum campaign there were complaints about the claims put forward in campaign literature and calls for an independent body to oversee the truthfulness of claims made during political campaigns. This Briefing Paper looks at the regulation of campaign literature in the UK and in other countries.

This Briefing Paper provides background to the increasing use of referendums worldwide to settle constitutional issues and to the holding of referendums in the UK; a table of all referendums held in the UK to date is provided. The use of thresholds in referendums is discussed and information provided on the administration of referendums and regulation of the referendum campaigns.